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View Full Version : luvin' 4 hurley

09-28-2005, 03:00 AM
Hurley needs a love intrest and it should be a 5' 7" blonde who was raised in Ca. and is fun loving and cute. (I am talking about the character of course) She can have some funky back story like the rest of them....Like her mom died when she was young and she takes life loosley...too much so sometimes that people thinks she doesn't take anything seriously but that's just her way of coping, by making "life" a joke. And so no she is on this island with the rest and she makes it all a Joke wich annoys some but attracts Hurley. So starts their fun loving relationship.
P.S. I am blonde and fun loving:rolleyes: .....uh in case you were wonderin'. But like don't still my idea and give it to some fake blonde with fake boobs and fake attitude. o.k I am dome thanks......your show rocks!!