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View Full Version : Sayid's Questionable Connection with Terrorists

09-30-2005, 05:19 PM
Very few, if any (and I think there might be none), attacks on American targets outside of Iraq have been committed by Iraqis. Many Americans are confused by the differences among the various Arab ethnic groups and various Islamic sects. That confusion is part of what made the second Gulf War a political possibility; people were angry over 9/11 and thought that attacking Iraq was somehow a response (yes, I realize its more complicated than that, but just go with me for a moment). In fact the attacks were orchestrated by Bin Laden, who belongs to the Wahabee sect. Saddam Hussein does not belong to that sect. Hussein committed plenty of his own heinous atrocities, but not the one in New York. Although their influence is spreading, most Wahabee are from Saudi Arabia. Note: most terrorists are Wahabee, but most Wahabee are NOT terrorists.

All of this background info leads me to my point ... having Sayid participate - even as a spy - in a terrorist cell in Australia is inconsistent with his background as an Iraqi. I'm sure there are some Iraqis who have joined, but they are the exception. When Sayid went to Australia, there were others in the sect who were Iraqi; in fact, I think we are led to believe that everyone in the sect knew each other fom time spent in Iraq. I find this hard to believe. Are you, the writers and producers, sure you're not as confused as the rest of the public about this imaginary connection between Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein.