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View Full Version : jj, the tv god

12-25-2004, 03:28 PM
okay yea the man works to, kinda reminds me of irina being the man in alias, anyway, first of all thanks for the 3 hours of tv heaven on jan 5th, so i have a few questions, first are there any boards like this for alias? second is it like definent that lost has a second season? third, i heard that alias has to do well in ratings for the first 3 eps is that true? and if so how many veiwers does abc want? 4rth what is up with the number 47? it's in alias and lost, did you randomley pick that number or does it have some signifigant meaning? and this is just a thought, it kinda seems to me that the whole plot of lost sounds like something from a rembaldi prophecy.
happy holidays