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View Full Version : Don't turn Lost into another Alias

10-09-2005, 12:52 PM
I don't watch Alias anymore. It has become its own cliche where every season is now an attempt at recreating a mystery that was never there in the first place. Any hope of the rumbladi thing being fully explained is lost. And, the show basically boils down to another, and another episode of murder, death kill. The show should have ended two years ago. But, I think its dragging on because of executive powers that be insist that cash flow must eventually destroy all TV stories, and this alone will result in what so many great shows lack, an actually well thought out ending. Anybody that has waisted their time watching the Evangelion anime series will know what I mean; you hope they're going to explain what's going on, and in the end you get this garbage wrap-up because the production money ran out. There is no suggestion in the show previously that Michael could be a double-agent, and to create that now is just absurd. When lost comes to a climactic ending, end it. Don't make it a chiastic mess that never has hope of resurrecting itself. If the execs strong arm you, tell them you'll wrap up the TV show with a good ending, then if they want more, they can make a movie. Really, how can you respect a bunch of goons that fire the man that green lighted Lost in the first place?