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View Full Version : Season 1 DvD

Utopian Prototype Hatch Member
10-18-2005, 01:01 PM
The season 1 DVD has a deleted scene about Claire and the pilot involving a person named BERNARD. Is this Rose's husband? And I am wondering WHY THIS WAS DELETED FROM THE SHOW? Time constraints? Context (Claires baby flashback was to be revealed later in the season)? False Canon? And why the number 39? 5 minutes of film leaves me so many questions....JJ please comment since there is no audio commentary on the DVD about this piece. I love this show, I keep developing theories about the new info shown on live episode, then going back to my dvd and videotape to verify the theories. LOVE IT! Nothing like it ever on television! PIONEERING VISIONARY MEDIA JJ REWLZ!