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11-10-2005, 08:02 PM
To Damon and JJ:

First of all, I wanted to congratulate you on your success with LOST. I'm sure its no secret that to see a show go from an idea on paper to the cult hit that it is today is nothing short of surreal. But then again, that's what LOST is.

As a fan and viewer of the show, it makes my weeks go by quicker. I don't know if that's good or bad in life, but let's just say it feels like yesterday that we learned about Locke's parapalegia and Kate's fugitive status. Now they have stories, personalities, histories. I've gotten each of my friends hooked on your show... I spent all of Season 1 watching it alone, and I've spent all of Season 2 watching it with 3 other people--our date night if you will. Conversations always shift over to who will die, who "the others" are, and what the secret of the island might be. True fans in your midst.

As an author and writer, the show is nothing but fantastic in its writing and character development. It moves me as a fiction writer, and motivates me to move deeper within characters. Every person has multiple stories in real life... why not give fictional characters the same? The redemption, confrontations of personal demons, and emotions of love, hate, and responsibility all come to light. As a writer, I'm completely impressed and inspired to do the same with my characters in the future. Bravo!

As a person of faith, specifically a Christian, I think the analogies are excellent. To be honest, the parallelism outside of the show is what intrigues me. Everyone says, "They don't answer our questions like we want them, too." "We didn't learn anything in this episode." "I don't like to wait for answers." In our lives, we walk with blind faith. As a Christian, I know that all my answers to life will come much later, and when I watch LOST, I'm reminded of the process of things. That same feeling I get with my faith is one that I receive when I watch the show... that I don't have all the answers, that they'll have to come someday, and that maybe I'm not ready for all the truths as of yet. Then I see people who struggle in their daily lives and walks with God, and their reaction to LOST is the same that it is in their souls... "I just want answers now... I can't wait for them." So thank you for making the show like it is for the time being... a test of patience and an opportunity for a leap of faith.

I don't know where the story is going. I worry sometimes for the people who take the show so seriously, worried that there faith rests too much in the hands of producers and writers, but hopefully the theme of your show will reflect itself in your own lives---that faith and companionship will not be forgotten. Remain steadfast, and keep showing your talents!!!! You have many!

Thank you for your time and congratulations once again! Jill