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View Full Version : Music and Lost

11-13-2005, 02:26 PM
Dear Mr. Abrams,
Thank you so much for bringing "Lost" to TV. I haven't been this involved in a show since, well, since...Ok - I'll date myself here - "THE MICKEY MOUSE CLUB!"

Ever since the opening episode on September 22, 2004 (thank you SO MUCH for this wonderful birthday gift) you have used music to relay everything from emotions to Hurley's enjoyment on his CD player. Which begs the question -

Could you please find a way to let Hurley find some batteries in a lost piece of baggage in the jungle somewhere so he can use his CD player again. While we're visiting that - the music in the hatch, Thank you so much for Mama Cass (Cass Elliott) as it has been years since I heard her sing! What else do they have in the way of music in the hatch? Surely Hurley could do a bit of "snooping."

Keep up the great work, I sit attached to the TV every Wednesday night!