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View Full Version : Right On!

03-13-2006, 11:56 PM
Thank you for creating an intiguing drama. This is not easy, but you have done it.

I would imagine that there are pieces from the "golden age" of television that you have drawn from. Two programs that come to mind is "The Prisoner", and the other is "The Outer Limits". Concerning the later I would add the episode "Demon With a Glass Hand". Also it would appear that you purchased studio props from the "Time Tunnel" to outfit the computers in the underground facility!

As in "The Outer Limits" and "The Twilight Zone", these programs were able to draw you into possible senarios, strange as they seemed, to connect you to the real, and the unreal. Perfect combinations of character and story.

Besides the thumbs up from here, what one thing drives your imagination?