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View Full Version : DVD Set For Season 2

Clubber Lang
04-08-2006, 03:45 AM
Hey, I purchased season one on DVD and enjoy it immensely, however, what I did find distressing is this; you have several extra scenes that did not make the televised show. These were all pretty decent and I felt may add to the show if only they were in added in the appropriate episodes. I assume that they were left out due to time constraints, but in the DVD's time is not an issue, so I am wondering if in the Season 2 DVD set if the extra scene's will be inserted or at least an option to watch the episode with or without extra scene's.

We can all download, TiVo or Record the TV versions, but I believe that having extra scene's actually inserted in thier appropriate order both will help sales and give us die hards some bonuses.