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View Full Version : Show us the path to Star Trek

05-01-2006, 04:47 AM
LOST in space.

Star Trek the Next Generation was my favorite show growing up. I'm 28 now and I was age 10 to 17 when Generation was on. Deep Space 9 was kind of ok but since then star trek has sucked except for the movie First Contact.

My brother and sister would always yell at me to turn the channel when I was watching Star Trek so I would always have to hide out so I could watch star trek

The new Battlestar Galactica is awesome. I like how real it feels compared to the almost slapstick feel from the Stargate shows. Please make the next Star Trek have a real feeling like hey this could actually happen someday.

If you could please make the next star trek close to an Isaac Asimov foundation style with a lot of politics creating and destroying empires through smart psychology type stuff that would be cool.

Maybe you can make a Star Trek show or movie that will educate us all on how we can stop fighting meaningless wars and start spending some serious mental and financial energy into space exploration. I mean think about how efficient we could be if we all focused on space flight and technology

I just started playing this very addictive game called Unification Wars online. Its free to play and its text based with little graphics but it is super fun. Its at the website “uc.gamestotal.com”. It has to do with space empires working together and fending off attacks from other federations.

Thanks J.J.

From Rolf