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View Full Version : What I would like for no particular reason

03-15-2005, 06:17 AM

Dear Mr. Writerman,
I could tell you you're brilliant, but that's old news. You have a cast that can't be beat, especially with the addition of Mira Furlan (I've been a huge fan of hers since Babylon 5.) So here's what I'd like...for no particular reason:

1) To meet the whole cast, but especially yourself. I have the writing bug myself, but right now it's just a bug, no infection yet.

2) To wait on each member of the cast in any way possible. I'd like to repay them for the hours of enjoyment that they've given to myself, and my 17 year old son. We start a conversation on just about any topic, but it always seems to end with a discussion of LOST. All thoughts lead to LOST. I have LOST my mind. Please help me find it.
But as usual, I digress: , I would get them water; shine their shoes; clean their trailer; walk their dog; polish and restring their guitars(I'm a bit of a plucker meself); cut their toenails; iron their clothes; practice lines with them; make them coffee; reach for the stars; shovel off to buffalo: I'd do whatever it took to make them smile.

3) To say thank you. You've made me lose sleep, fight futile arguments over hypothetical possibilities with my son, and turn to meds to deal with it all (aahh, better living through chemistry never hurt anyone. Again, thank you.) In summary, you have made this a most enjoyable time. I will remember for the rest of my days the effect that LOST has had on me. It's pure fun, and dirty evil all mixed together. Have I told you yet how brilliant you are?